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Sensor readings

API base path: /tracker/readings


Gets last values for all metering sensors and state values. Includes CAN, OBD, and fuel.


name description type format
tracker_id Id of the tracker (aka "object_id"). Tracker must belong to authorized user and not be blocked. int 999199


curl -X POST '' \
    -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
    -d '{"hash": "a6aa75587e5c59c32d347da438505fc3", "tracker_id": "265489"}'


  "success": true,
  "inputs": [
            "value": 5.66,
            "label": "label",
            "units": "litres",
            "name": "fuel_level",
            "type": "fuel",
            "units_type": "custom",
            "update_time": "2019-03-16 11:15:19"
  "states": [
       "field": "obd_mil_status",
       "value": 12345.23,
       "update_time": "2019-03-16 11:15:19"
  • states.value - can be string, int, float, boolean, or null.


  • 204 – Entity not found (if there is no tracker with such id belonging to authorized user).
  • 208 – Device blocked (if tracker exists but was blocked due to tariff restrictions or some other reason).

Last update: October 23, 2020