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Tracker group is used to organize trackers in user interface. Currently, its function is purely visual. In FSM api, groups are read-only and represent departments of the employees assigned to trackers. Group id 0 means employee has no department, group id -1 means tracker has no employee assigned.

Group object structure:

    "id": 167,
    "title": "Main office",
    "color": "FF6DDC"
  • id - int. Group id. Used to reference group in objects and API calls. Read-only, assigned automatically by the server.
  • title - string. User-specified group title, 1 to 60 printable characters, e.g. "Employees".
  • color - string. Group color in web format (without #), e.g. "FF6DDC". Determines the color of tracker markers on the map.

API actions

API base path: /tracker/group


Gets all user tracker groups. There is always "default" unnamed group with id = 0. It cannot be modified, deleted, and is not returned by this API call.


curl -X POST '' \
    -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \ 
    -d '{"hash": "a6aa75587e5c59c32d347da438505fc3"}'


    "success": true,
    "list": [
            "title": "test",
            "color": "FF6DDC",
            "id": 129301


General types only.

Last update: December 17, 2020