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Push token

API path: /user/session/push_token.


Binds Push token with current session.


  • application (string) – Application ID, for now it's "navixy_iphone_viewer" or "navixy_android_viewer"
  • token (string) – Push token
  • category_filter (string) – Push notifications category filter, default is *


{ "success": true }

Using category_filter you can filter out unwanted notifications categories.

If category_filter equals to * this means all categories are allowed.

Delimited with comma list means that allowed only listed categories i.e. chat_message,history_rule.

Prepended with minus and delimited with comma list means that all categories are allowed except given i.e. – history_task,history_rule.

Possible categories:
  • chat_message – notification about new chat message
  • history_rule – notifications related to rule actuation
  • history_task – notifications related to tasks
  • history_info – service information
  • history_service_task – service task notifications
  • history_work_status – work status notifications


Deletes push token that bound with the session.


{ "success": true }


General types only.

Last update: October 23, 2020