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Tracker history

API path: /history/tracker/.


List less then or equal to limit of tracker events filtered by event types (events) between from date/time and to date/time sorted by time field.


  • trackers[int]. list of tracker's ids
  • fromdate/time. start date/time for searching
  • todate/time. end date/time for searching. must be after "from" date
  • events["string"] (optional, default: all). list of history types
  • limitint (optional, default: maxHistoryLimit. max count of entries in result
  • ascendingboolean (optional, default: true). Sort ascending by time when it is true and descending when false.

If events (event types) not passed then list all event types.

Available event types can be obtained by /history/type/list action.

Default and max limit is 1000 by default. (Note for StandAlone: this value configured by maxHistoryLimit config option).

example[tracker_id]&from=2018-02-19 10:29:00&to=2018-02-19 11:30:00&events=["event_type"]


    "success": true,
    "list": [ ${history_entry}, ... ], // list of zero or more JSON objects
    "limit_exceeded": false // boolean. false when listed all history entries satisfied to conditions
    // and true otherwise

where history_entry described in Tracker history entry.


  • 211 – Requested time span is too big (time span between from and to is more than maxReportTimeSpan days).
  • 212 – Requested limit is too big (limit is more than maxHistoryLimit).
  • 217 – List contains nonexistent entities – if one of the specified trackers does not exist or is blocked.

Last update: October 23, 2020