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API path: /tariff.

Tariff JSON object structure:

    "id": 10, // (int) unique id
    "name": "Business", // (string) tariff description
    "group_id": 2, // (int) group of tariffs. user can change the tariff only on the tariff in the same group.
    "active": true, // (boolean). user can change the tariff only on the active tariff.
    "type": "monthly", // (string). tariff type. one of: "monthly", "everyday", "activeday"
    "price": 13.0, // (double). price per month for "monthly" and "everyday" tariff or price per "active" day for "activeday" tariff
    "early_change_price": 23.0, // (double) price of change tariff from current to other
            // with the last change in less than 30 days (**tariff.freeze.period** config option).
            // When not passed or "null" user cannot change tariff frequently.
    "device_limit": 1000, // (int) maximum number of devices per account
    "has_reports" : true // (boolean) true if reports are allowed, false otherwise
    "paas_free": false, // (boolean) true if this tariff is free for PaaS owner, false otherwise
    "store_period": "12m", // data storage period, e.g. "2h" (2 hours), "3d" (3 days), "5m" (5 months), "1y" (one year)
    "features": [
    "map_filter": {
        "exclusion": true,
        "values": []


Get list of device's tariffs available to user.
If user's dealer if default dealer or paas then listed tariffs of that dealer
else listed tariffs of parent dealer.
Listed only tariffs available for user's legal type.


  • device_type – (string) one of 'tracker', 'camera' or 'socket'.


  "success": true,
  "list": [${tariff}, ...] // list of JSON objects

See tariff object structure here.

Last update: October 23, 2020